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Glossary Terms starting with U

Definitions of terms starting with U

1.  User interface.
1.  Refers to data traveling in a single direction.
1.  Network operating system usually used in large organizations by advanced operators.
unloading while operating
1.  The copier operator can remove completed sets from the output device as soon as they exit, without waiting for the entire job to be done and...
1.  An acronym for Universal Plug and Play, UPnP is a collection of networking protocols that allows devices on the same network to discover each other...
USB ports
1.  Also known as universal serial bus ports. A standardized "plug-and-play" interface between a computer and add-on devices.
1.  An acronym for universal serial bus. A serial connection technology that is almost universally available in current PCs. Version 1.x allowed for...
user settings
1.  Operator adjustable functions. such as default settings, document feeder precounting, exposure levels, paper supply priority, etc., by means of an...