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Glossary Terms starting with O

Definitions of terms starting with O

1.  An acronym for optical character recognition. The technology of translating characters in a graphic image of a printed page into machine-readable...
1.  Original equipment manufacturer. The company whose name is on the product.
1.  Sorting system in some digital copiers. Each set is stacked on top of the previous set, but shifted over approximately Yz" to 1" to allow ease of...
1.  A situation where a copy, fax or print has a second image (often the same image) showing on the page. Also known as "double image."
1.  An acronym for outgoing message on answering machines and on faxes that have message capabilities.
1.  An acronym for optical mark reader. A card that is inserted into fax machines that are equipped with this feature. The card has marks on it (either...
one touch
1.  Called auto dialing, speed dialing, and one touch. Fax numbers are programmed in and can be called by pressing one key or two or three, but not...
1.  An acronym for organic photo conductor.
ope belt
1.  OPC material in belt form, rather than cylindrical drum.
operating position
1.  The point that the switch button (also known as the actuator) reaches before triggering or signaling a set of contacts to open or close.
operation panel
1.  The panel with keys, LCD, LEDs etc. that the user presses for operation.
1.  An acronym for originals per minute.
1.  An acronym for option(s), optional.
optical unit
1.  The combination of lamp, mirrors, lens, CCD (or the combination of LED array, CSU). This scans the original document.
organic photo conductor
1.  Drum surface coating. Can be any color and is disposable without any special precautions.
original document
1.  The piece of paper that is inserted into the sending machine.
originals per minute
1.  The number of A4-size or Letter-size originals a scanner can scan per minute.
1.  An acronym for operating system, i.e. MS-DOS, Windows, UNIXCR, Macintosh, etc. The OS is basically a program that manages all of the other programs...
output device
1.  Finisher, sorter, etc.
1.  Signals from the main board that operate components such as motors, lamps, and solenoids.
1.  The distance beyond the operating position that a switch button or actuator can freely move without resetting the contacts or damaging the switch...
1.  Atmospheric chemical substance that is created by the coronas.
ozone filter
1.  Charcoal filter designed to neutralize the effects of ozone.