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Glossary Terms starting with I

Definitions of terms starting with I

1.  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. An organization dedicated to defining technology standards.
IEEE 802.2
1.  The IEEE standard defining the logical link controls when network-enabled devices talk over a netrwork.
IEEE 802.3
1.  The IEEE standard defining the physical connection specifications allowing network-enabled devices to talk over a network.
IEEE 802.4
1.  Token bus standard, using bus topology LAN.
IEEE 802.5
1.  IBM token ring standard, using token ring topology.
IEEE 802.6
1.  SMDS based, short packet transmission.
image combination
1.  Originals are fed onto or placed side-by-side on platen, then automatically reduced to fit onto 1 11x8Yz/8'i2xll as follows: 2-in-l:ls places...
image overlay
1.  A type of process/technology that allows multiple originals or images on the same output page.
image rotation
1.  Feature on some digital copiers that automatically aligns the image with the paper when the correct orientation isn't present to begin with.
image separation
1.  Reverses image combination by automatically enlarging each segment of multi-image l1x8Yl/8Ylxl1 original.
imaging cartridge
1.  Sometimes referred to as copier cartridge, toner cartridge, or drum unit. An imaging system in which all or many of the consumable and maintenance...
imaging unit
1.  Same as imaging cartridge.
impact printer
1.  A printer that uses the force of an impact through an ink ribbon to create a printed character on a page. This impact is delivered by a rotating...
1.  Non-visible light, as used in some photo interrupters and phototransistors.
infrared port
1.  Commonly referred to as an IRDA (infrared data association) port. This port allows two computers or a computer and a device to communicate with...
1.  Memory clear. Wipes out stored information and brings machine back to factory settings. Sometimes necessary to escape electrical lockups.
1.  A liquid containing various pigments and/or dyes used for coloring a surface to produce an image, text, or design.
ink cartridge
1.  An ink cartridge is a replaceable component of an ink jet printer that contains the ink (and sometimes the printhead itself) that is spread on...
1.  A type of printing process that applies jets microscopic ink droplets onto paper to produce text and graphics.
inkjet cartridge
1.  A cartridge with an integrated printhead; the inkjet technology is in the cartridge along with the ink. Manufacturers of printers that use inkjet...
inkjet printer
1.  A printer that creates characters and images by spraying fine streams of ink onto paper at high speeds. Operate by propelling variably-sized...
1.  Signals from switches & sensors that go to the main board.
integrated printhead
1.  Also known as IPH. A printhead that is integrated into an inkjet cartridge so that the ink and inkjet technology are together. Also described as...
1.  Connection between two items of hardware, usually electrical.
interface board
1.  Circuit board that transfers information and/or power from the copier to some section or option.
1.  A scanning (refreshing) method to display a video image that alternately scans the even lines then the odd lines.
interlaced refreshing
1.  A refresh method for video that produces an image by scanning each line or row of pixels.
interlock switch
1.  A switch (usually a micro switch) which shuts off power to components (motors and lamps for example) if the machine is opened. This is to prevent...
interlocking panels
1.  Panels that require removal of other panels before they can be removed. Done by the manufacturers to save money and aggravate technicians.
1.  Worldwide network providing universal connectivity through various ISPs (internet service providers).
internet service provider
1.  An acronym for internet service provider. Commercial organization that provides internet access (such as AOL).
interpolated resolution
1.  An enhanced resolution that is computed using a software algorithm to make an image appear as if it were scanned at a higher resolution; contrast...
1.  Temporarily puts a waiting job on hold while you perform another operation.
interrupt key
1.  Will usually interrupt operation of machine, including exposure settings, reduction, sorting etc. Also described as the "pause" key.
1.  Time in-between printed activity reports .
1.  LAN (local area network) using internet protocols. Typically for communication within one organization.
1.  An acronym for internet protocol.
1.  An acronym for internetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchange.
1.  An acronym for infrared data association. Commonly referred to as an infrared port.
1.  An acryonum for inverting recirculating document handler. Originals are fed into the feeder where they recirculate onto the platen but must be...
1.  An acronym for internet service provider. Commercial organization that provides internet access (such as AOL).
1.  Imaging unit; sometimes referred to as copier-cartridge. An imaging system in which all or many of the consumable and maintenance items are located...