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Glossary Terms starting with N

Definitions of terms starting with N

1.  An acronym for network control unit. Another name for the phone board.
1.  Network basic (input/output system) user interface.
1.  Network basic input output system.
1.  LAN operating system of Novell.
1.  A site consisting of multiple network-enabled devices, such as workstations, servers, and frequently one or more printers, copiers and...
network interface card
1.  Circuit board that is required for the printer to work on the network (except peer to peer).
network printer
1.  A printer available for use by workstations on a network. A network printer either has its own built-in network interface card or it is connected...
network protocol
1.  A set of rules used to communicate by the end points in a network. All computers on the network must recognize and observe the same protocol to...
network topology
1.  Configurations of network design.
1.  A copier/printer that is capable of being directly connected to a network.
1.  As described by manufacturer.
nibble mode
1.  Allows data transfer back to the computer. The nibble mode uses the status lines to send 2 nibbles (4-bit units) of data to the computer in two...
1.  An acronym for network interface card.
1.  The meeting point of the heat and pressure rollers in the fuser unit.
1.  A printer or printer/copier which cannot be directly connected to a network. It can still be connected as a printer via the parallel port;...
1.  An acronym for network operating system.