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Glossary Terms starting with K

Definitions of terms starting with K

1.  A unit of measure: 1,000s (IK = 1,000; 2.5K = 2,500; etc.)
1.  Kilobits, or a thousand bits.
1.  Kilobyte. One kilobyte is equal to 1024 Bytes of data.
1.  Kilobits per second , or thousands of bits per second. Used to measure data transmission speeds.
key counter
1.  Mechanical plug-in device that prevents unauthorized use of the copier without the key. Also counts copies for each key holder.
1.  The keys on the operation panel of a fax machine to allow one to dial without using the handset.
1.  A prefix meaning 1000 (or sometimes in computers 1024). For example, kilobit (kb).