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Glossary Terms starting with B

Definitions of terms starting with B

B&W or B/W
1.  Abbreviation for black and white. Black-and-white as a description is also something of a misnomer, for in addition to black and white most of...
1.  Two fax machines hardwired directly to each other with a phone line. There is no phone company, phone company equipment or line simulator in...
background numbers
1.  Imprint of faint numbers in the background that manages confidential documents by marking each set number to discourage unauthorized copying.
1.  Duplicating files in another location, allowing for later restore if the data is lost or damaged.
backup print
1.  Sets your machine to print a copy of faxes that are received and stored in memory.
1.  How fast data travels on a given transmission path. Measured as the amount of data transmitted or received per given unit of time (example: 384...
bar code
1.  A binary code representing characters by sets of parallel bars of varying thickness, separation and vertical position that are read optically by...
batch transmission
1.  If two or more documents stored in memory are going to the same destination, they can be automatically grouped together to save costs.
1.  Mounted on a circuit board to retain memory of various items. In electronics, a battery or voltaic cell is a combination of one or more...
1.  A measurement of the number events, or signal changes, that occur in one second.
bi-directional (communication)
1.  This is a type of communication that is two-way. This means that the computer and attached printer (or device) both have the ability to send...
bi-directional (sorting)
1.  Refers to the way the sorting occurs in two directions, from top to bottom then from bottom to top, repeated until the sorting job is completed....
bi-directional print driver
1.  A specialized type of software that converts an application's print request into a language that is recognized by the printer hardware. Examples...
bias voltage
1.  Part of the xerographic process. In an analog copier, bias helps to reduce background, resulting in a cleaner copy. In a digital copier, fax or...
1.  An element that has only two states, such as, on or off, yes or no, 1 or 0. Computer data exists in a state of bits (binary digits) because the...
1.  The smallest piece of information handled by a digital device, such as a computer, fax, printer, scanner or digital copier. Note: a bit is not a...
bit depth
1.  The number of bits used to process scanned images. The greater the number of bits, the more colours or levels of gray that can be used to display...
1.  A bitmap is an uncompressed image format. In a bitmap image, each pixel corresponds to one or more bits in memory. The number of bits per pixel...
bits per second
1.  Is abbreviated as bps. The rate at which individual bits of information are transmitted; typically 9600 bps, 14400 bps for faxes.
1.  Another name for softswitch. See softswitch for explanation.
1.  One of the four colors used in dry toner printing, or one of several colors used in inkjet printing. Abbreviated as K.
black and white
1.  Abbreviation for black and white. Black-and-white as a description is also something of a misnomer, for in addition to black and white most of...
black copy speed
1.  The maximum speed at which the copier produces black text. Copy speed is measured in copies per minute (cpm).
black print speed
1.  The maximum speed at which a printer outputs black text. Print speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm).
black/white reverse
1.  Digital effect: Also known as negative/positive (-+). Black prints white & white prints black.
blanking lamp
1.  In an analog copier, lamps or LEDs, whose job it is to discharge the unused sections of the drum surface, during the copy process. The light source...
1.  In printing, the term bleeding is used to describe the spreading of a color beyond it's designed outline.
1.  An evolving wireless networking protocol that connects various digital devices-from mobile phones to PDAs to computers. Bluetooth can transmit...
book shadow removal
1.  Eliminates any shadow in the spine area when copying a book.
booklet making
1.  A function of digital systems whereby consecutive originals are fed through the document feeder and rearrange in memory for proper book page...
border erase
1.  Eliminates any shadow in the spine area when copying a book.
1.  See bits per second.
break roller
1.  A separation roller.
bridge unit
1.  This accessory allows different functions to be added to a copier like sorters and finishers.
1.  Telecommunication that provides a wide band of frequencies over a single communications medium. This allows a large bandwidth of data to be...
broadcast faxing
1.  A fax machine feature found on most all-in-ones that sends the same fax documents to multiple recipients.
bubble jet
1.  A printer type that uses thermal or piezo inkjet nozzle print head design to apply ink marks to the paper.
1.  When copy paper encounters the registration roller or registration gate, it is pushed by the pickup rollers and will buckle, or bend.
1.  A buffer is a device for the temporary storage of data that is located between equipment of differing speeds.
1.  Documentation issued by manufactures to correct problems, mistakes, manual misprints, updates, etc.
1.  A common channel or pathway over which data and other signals travel. This bus is divided into two sections, the first of which selects the area...
1.  Also know as “multi-feeder.” Device which allows feeding of media that is not loaded in a cassette, drawer or elevator unit. Typically, bypass...
bypass tray
1.  The bypass tray allows you to feed non-standard paper without having to put it in one of the main paper trays.
1.  A series of 8 bits. Generally, holds one character of information. Data storage is often measured in bytes. A byte is a basic unit of measurement...
byte mode
1.  Uses software drivers to disable the drivers that control the data lines in order for data to be sent from the printer to the computer. The data is...