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Glossary Terms starting with D

Definitions of terms starting with D

daily timer
1.  A function that lets you program a certain time that a fax will be sent.
damp paper
1.  Copying (or recording or printing) paper that has absorbed humidity and will produce light splotchy pages, and will frequently jam or wrinkle.
data compression
1.  Methods of speeding up fax communications by compressing files. After a certain amount of information is scanned, it is analyzed and transmitted in...
1.  Information organized so that it is accessible in various forms.
1.  A phone line specifically designed for GroupIV communications.
1.  Abbreviation for decibel.
DC controller
1.  Canon’s terminology for the main board.
DC power supply
1.  Typically, supplies various DC voltages to the boards & components.
1.  DC power supply.
1.  Unit of measurement of sound. Expressed in negative numbers. The higher the negative number, the lower the sound. E.G. (-) 4 decibels is louder...
  • See also DB
1.  In a dual component system, developer is the “carrier” of toner to the photoconductor. Typically, replaced by the technician periodically....
developer calibration
1.  Process whereby new developer is installed and the machine is set up to machine is set up to maintain correct toner density.
developer roller
1.  The magnetized, rotating roller that developer adheres to in the copy process. Also know as mag roller or magnetic roller.
1.  The step in the xerographic process where the developer rollers magnetically attract developer contacts the latent image on the drum surface, so...
device independent
1.  A print job saved as a file is a device independent when it can be printed or displayed on any compatible hardware platform and achieve the same...
1.  An acronym for document feeder.
1.  Terminology sometimes used to describe simulations, inputs & outputs.
1.  As a PostScript term, a file containing font descriptions. Each description specifies how every character in a font family is constructed,...
differential travel
1.  The distance between the operating position and release or reset position of a limit switch actuator.
1.  Electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in terms of two states: positive and non-positive utilizing the numbers 0 and 1.
digital copier
1.  Copying system that converts reflected light off an original into an electronic digital pattern (pixels) via a CCD and system controller for...
digital duplicator
1.  The original document is placed on a glass plate, such as a photocopier, or is sent to the digital duplicator from a computer. Then, the image is...
1.  Solid state device that passes electrical current in one directional only.
1.  Dual inline package switch. Small mechanical switches, usually mounted on a circuit board. Note: Some manufactures mistakenly call their...
1.  The act of removing the latent image from the drum, prior to starting the next copy.
discharge corona
1.  Used to discharge the drum.
discharged lamp
1.  Used to discharge the drum.
disposable cartridge
1.  Drum unit or other cartridge that is designed to be removed and replaced by the consumer and is legally allowed to be thrown away.
disposable head
1.  The disposable head system uses a print head which is supplied as a part of a replaceable ink cartridge. Every time a cartridge is exhausted, the...
1.  Altering 1s & 0s to simulate and improve copying of colors, rounded edges, etc.
doc feeder
1.  Document feeder. The mechanism that accepts and feeds the original documents into the fax machine.
doctor blade
1.  Blade that contacts developer on mag roller and keeps it at a specific height. Toshiba uses this term to apply to something inside their units.
1.  Disk operating system on which Windows is based.
dot matrix printer
1.  A printer type that uses a pin-impact print head design to apply ink marks through a ribbon onto paper.
double image
1.  A situation where a copy, fax or print has a second image (often the same image) showing on the page. Also known as “offsetting.”
1.  Dots per inch. The description of resolution in a fax machine. Standard fax resolution is 98dpi vertical and 203 dpi horizontal. In “Fine”...
draft mode
1.  Printing of standard characters without specific features. High speed font (usually pica), not letter quality.
1.  An acronym for dynamic random access memory.
1.  Assembly that holds copy paper for pickup tires to feed it from. Also known as “tray” or “cassette.”
1.  The cylindrical item with a photo-conductive surface.
drum cleaner blade
1.  Rubber blade that wipes waste toner off the drum.
drum prime
1.  Procedure for installing a new drum to protect it from failure caused by friction with a new blade. “Priming” means coating the drum with...
drum recovery blade
1.  Lower drum blade (seal blade) that catches toner removed by drum cleaner blade, so that it does not fall into machine.
drum seal blade
1.  Lower drum blade (recovery blade) that catches toner removed by drum cleaner blade, so that it does not fall into machine.
drum unit
1.  A printing device for laser machines.
dual access
1.  The machine can scan outgoing faxes or scheduled jobs into memory at the same time as it is sending a fax or receiving or printing an incoming fax.
dual beam laser
1.  On machines incorporating a dual beam laser, within the laser unit, there are two separate laser beams utilized simultaneously.
dual component
1.  Developing system using toner and developer to form the copy image. Developer and toner are two separate materials. Plastic toner particles cling...
1.  Two development components, i.e. two toner colors on-line for push-button selection of black or color toner.
dual-original mode
1.  Document feeder function for automatically positioning two 11 x 8 ½ originals side-by-side on the platen so that they can be copied onto a single...
dual-page mode (same as split-page)
1.  Automatic copying of two facing pages without reversing book position.
dual-sort mode
1.  A 20-bin sorter feature that allows the sorter to be divided so that two separate jobs can be sorted before emptying the bins, as if there were tow...
1.  2-sided copying of one or two sided originals. The act of making a copy on the second side of the copy paper.
duplex drawer
1.  A specialized drawer that contains paper or media that can be printed on both the front and back side without requiring the user to manually flip...
duty cycle
1.  The maximum number of printed pages per month a printer can output.
1.  DVD also known as "digital versatile disc" or "digital video disc" a popular optical disc storage media format. DVD-ROM has data that can only be...
1.  A DVD+R is a once-writable optical disc with 4.7 GB (4.377 GiB) of storage capacity.
1.  DVD+RW is the name of a standard for optical discs: one of several types of DVD, which hold up to about 4.7 GB per disc and are used for storing...
1.  DVD-R is a DVD recordable format. A DVD-R typically has a storage capacity of 4.71 GB (or 4.39 GiB). Data on a DVD-R cannot be changed.