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Document Feeder Hinge Updates for Canon imageCLASS and imageRUNNER Models

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Frequent failures on document feeder hinge base frames on some Canon imageCLASS and imageRUNNER models were corrected when Canon released an improved version of the hinge unit.

The Issue

The hinge unit and/or base frame experiences failures and requires repeated replacement. This affects the following models: Canon imageCLASS MF6530 / 31 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 90 / 95 and Canon imageRUNNER 1023 / iF / N / 1025 / iF / N.


The original design of the document feeder hinge unit and base frame allowed the hinge post sleeves to break or become damaged over time due to excess stress concentrated in this area from repeated openings and closings of the ADF.  (The figure depicts the two areas that receive excess stress).  This results in the need for repeated replacement of the hinge unit and/or base frame.

Hinge areas that recieve excess stress from opening and closing the document feeder

Hinge areas that receive excess stress from opening and closing the document feeder


A new version of both the hinge unit [FM2-8210-000] and base frame [FL2-3983-010] were designed by Canon to correct the issue.  The new version of the hinge unit comes with a spacer for use with the old base frame to provide additional support.  The new base frame is designed to resist damage and does not require the spacer that is pre-installed on the new hinge unit. Please note that the spacer must be removed before installation.

Note: If your base frame is damaged and requires replacement, the new base frame will require the use of the new hinges.

Additional Notes

If the ADF frame is broken, replace both the ADF frame and hinge units with the new design at the same time.  At this time, remove the spacer from the new hinge unit.  This spacer is not required when an ADF frame utilizing the new design is installed.

Factory Measure:  The thickness of the ribs is modified as indicated in the illustrations below.  The shape of the hinge unit has also been modified (as shown in the illustrations below).

Old style Canon ADF hinge compared to new style hinge Old style Canon ADF hinge compared to new style hinge
Old style (left) vs. new style (right) hinges
Old style (left) vs. new style (right) hinges
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