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Why does the Pressure Roller for my Brother MFC8710DW printer have visible wrinkles?

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Before you waste money on a new Brother Fuser Unit, take a moment to verify whether the unit is actually damaged or is part of the design process.

Wrinkles in the surface of the Pressure Roller in the Brother LU8568001 fuser unit are an intentional part of the design and should not be mistaken for damage. This wrinkling occurs as part of Brother’s manufacturing process and is normal. There is no need to replace the Fuser Unit for these wrinkles. Please see the picture below for the normal appearance of the LU8568001 fuser pressure roller.

Normal wrinkling in the Brother MFC-8170DW fuser pressure roller

In the event that you do require a new fuser unit, please refer to (PR# G2237).

This question has arisen in regards to the fuser units in the following models:

  • Brother DCP-8110DN
  • Brother DCP-8150DN
  • Brother DCP-8155DN
  • Brother HL-5440D
  • Brother HL-5450DN
  • Brother HL-5470DW
  • Brother HL-5470DWT
  • Brother HL-6180DW
  • Brother HL-6180DWT
  • Brother MFC-8510DN
  • Brother MFC-8710DW
  • Brother MFC-8810DW
  • Brother MFC-8910DW
  • Brother MFC-8950DW
  • Brother MFC-8950DWT
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