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Why is my Brother MFC-L8900 unit reporting paper jamming after replacing the fuser unit?

Author: (Precision Roller Tech) Date: Jul 22, 2020

Fix Jamming Errors after Replacing the Fuser

To avoid paper jam errors, you must adjust the position of wires to allow smooth operation of the exit sensor. Without properly adjusting these wires, you may have difficulty attaching the fuser covers, and your printer may repeatedly report paper jams by mistake.


Adjusting the wire position in the Brother MFC-L8900cdw fuser section
Adjust wire position as shown to avoid false paper jam errors


After adjusting the wires, when installing the exit roller assembly, lift the sensor arm over the wiring. Once the assembly is closed, make sure the arm is not making contact with the wiring.

Lifting the sensor arm on the L8900 exit roller assembly to avoid false jams
Lifting the sensor arm when installing the roller assembly to prevent a false paper jam

More Info

The sensor arm on the exit roller assembly is designed to lift up when paper passes through the roller area. When the wiring blocks the arm from dropping, it causes the printer to behave as if there is paper in the area and report a false jam.

Replacing the fuser unit can be a tricky process if this step is not taken. For further details on how to replace the fuser unit for this machine, please visit our full Brother MFC-L8900cdw fuser replacement instructions for this series of Brother printers.

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