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HP LaserJet P4015DN Printer Tray 1 Roller Instructions

Originally written for: HP LaserJet P4015dn
Also applies to: HP LaserJet P4014, P4014dn, P4014n, P4015n, P4015tn, P4015x, P4515n, P4515tn, P4515x, P4515xm
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These instructions describe replacement of the tray 1 roller on an HP Laserjet P4015 and similar models.

To order your replacement paper feed kit for this printer, use the following part: Z4990 (HP CB506-67905 Tray 1 Paper Feed Kit)

Note: This article is written to provide instructions on the replacement of all components in the paper feed kit (pickup roller, feed roller, and separation roller). In the event that you may need to replace just one type of roller, the individual rollers are listed below:

Step 1.
Open Tray 1.

Step 2.
Pull down and hold open the left access door.

Step 3.
Pull the separation roller straight to the left until it is clear of the rod.

Step 4.
Discard the old separation roller.

Step 5.
Unpack the replacement separation roller.

Step 6.
Install the replacement separation roller.

Step 7.
Remove the screw on the left side beneath the blue arrow.

Step 8.
Remove the black stopper by sliding it off of the rod.

Step 9.
Remove the roller cover by sliding it to the left, then up and off the rollers.

Step 10.
Slide the feed and pick rollers off of their respective rods.

Step 11.
Discard the rollers.

Step 12.
Unpack the replacement rollers.

Step 13.
Install the replacement feed and pick rollers by sliding them onto their respective rods until they are flush against the white plastic on the right side.

Step 14.
Replace the roller cover by placing it on top of the rollers and sliding it to the right until it is flush with the chassis.

Note: You may need to lift the front end of the roller cover slightly when sliding it into place.

Step 15.
Slide the stopper back on until it is aligned with the screw hole.

Step 16.
Install the screw.

Step 17.
Close Tray 1.

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