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Our cross reference tool helps you determine if a printer or copier sold under a private label is the same as a machine built by another manufacturer (OEM). (more)

AB Dick 955 Equivalent Models*

* Primary manufacturer / model in bold

Selex 50 Europe, Far East (Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania), North America
Busimatic 600 North America
AB Dick ALPHA 2000 Europe
AM AM 5010 Europe
Esselte Dymo COPYER 2001 Great Britain
Geha SELEX 50 Europe
Agfa X 1 Europe

While Precision Roller makes every effort to ensure this information is accurate, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It can be assumed that most parts are interchangeable, however some machines may be modified so that supply items (toner, developer, imaging, and drum cartridges) may not be compatible.