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Oce IM3530 Supplies and Parts by Category


Staples Waste Toner Containers


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Tech Aids



Door Switch Actuation Tools

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About the Oce IM3530

Oce IM3530 Specifications:
  • Introduction Date: Introduction Date   11/2006
    Month and year of model's original release
Oce IM3530 Accessories:
  • Finisher: Oce 9249

Oce IM3530 Options:
  • 2nd Fax Line (CM4530120)
  • Bluetooth Module and Antenna (CM4530310)
  • Data Overwrite Kit (cm4530330)
  • Fax Board (CM4530270)
  • Job Separator (IM2300030)
  • Offset Catch Tray (IM2300040)
  • Plain Stand (9287000)
  • Print & Scan Enabler (IM3530030)
  • Print Enabler (IM3530020)
  • Scan Upgrade Enabler (IM3530040)
  • Scrambler Board and PCI Slot (CM4530290)
  • Wireless LAN Adapter and Antenna (CM4530300)