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HP LaserJet 4200 Maintenance Kit Instructions

Originally written for: HP LaserJet 4200tn
Also applies to: HP LaserJet 4200, 4200dtn, 4200dtns, 4200dtnsl, 4200L, 4200n
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These instructions will help explain maintenance kit installation steps for an HP Laserjet 4200 and similar models.

HP LaserJet 4200 Maintenance Kit Instructions

The HP LaserJet 4200 Maintenance Kit includes:

Q2429-67905, Q2429-67904, Q2429-67903, Q2429-69005, Q2429-67902, Q2426-69001, Q2429A

  • One Fuser Unit
  • One Transfer Roller
  • One Transfer Roller Tool
  • One Separation Roller
  • Six rollers for all other trays

Please Note:  Some kits may contain more or less rollers. For this install we are only going to use two of the rollers provided.

The tools required for the HP LaserJet 4200 maintenance kit:

  • One flat blade or standard screwdriver (PR# T4730)
  • One pair of latex gloves (PR# S5800)

Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord.

Caution if you have been using the printer the fuser section will be hot! Please allow the fuser to cool for at least 30 minutes before removing it.

Remove the optional duplexer if it is installed by pulling it straight out.


Remove Output Bin
Open the rear output bin. Then use a standard screwdriver to squeeze the hinge pin to the right out of its mounting hole. Rotate the output bin away from the printer until the right hinge pin is released, and then remove the output bin.


Remove Fuser

Remove the fuser by squeezing the two blue fuser release tabs and then pull the fuser straight out of the printer.

Install Fuser
Install the new fuser by pushing it firmly into the printer until the blue levers on both sides click into place.

Install Output Bin

Install the Output Bin. Insert the right hinge pin in the hole inside the chassis. Next push the left side of the output bin into the right side of the printers’ chassis. Then close the rear output bin.

Remove Print Cartridge

Open the control panel door and Tray 1. Firmly grasp the print cartridge and pull it up and out of the printer.

Remove Transfer Roller

Use the plastic transfer-roller tool (THERE IS A HOOK END ON IT) to slightly lift the left end of the metal shaft upward. Slide the transfer roller to the left and remove it from the printer.

Installing Transfer Roller
CAUTION: Do not touch the replacement transfer roller with bare hands use latex gloves. Skin oils on the roller can cause print-quality problems.
Make sure that the black collar on the left side is oriented properly, with the open end down. Install the new transfer roller by sliding the right side into place. Snap the left side (with the gear) into place.

Remove Pickup Roller
Remove the front accessory cover marked by a number 4 in many models by pulling straight out. Locate the pickup roller at the center of tray. Release the roller by sliding apart the two latches located on each side at the top of the pickup roller. Lift the roller out of the opening.

Install Pickup Roller
Place the new pickup roller onto the shaft. Align the pin that is located on each side at the bottom of the roller with the slot in the bracket located on each side of the opening. Slide the roller into the printer until the roller snaps into place.

Insert the front accessory cover.

Install the print cartridge, and then close the tray 1 and the top cover.

Remove Feed Roller
Remove the paper tray(s) from the printer and place near the edge of the work surface to allow easy access to the underside of the paper tray bay.  Locate the feed roller then remove it  by pinching the blue lock tab on the roller, then sliding the roller off the left end of the shaft.

Please Note:
If you purchased the optional paper pickup roller, this is the easiest time to install it. The paper pickup roller is not included in the maintenance kit; however, to keep your printer working at its best, it is highly recommended to replace it on the same schedule.

Uninstall the old paper pickup roller by pinching the white tab on the roller, then sliding the roller off the left end of the shaft.

To install the paper pickup roller slide the new roller onto the shaft and rotate the roller until it locks into place. Note It is important that the roller locks into place.

Installing Feed Roller
Slide a new feed roller onto the shaft and rotate the roller until it locks into place. Note It is important that the roller locks into place.

Remove separation Roller
Install the tray 2 bin into the printer and slide it half way in.

Find the cover that is located on the tray, next to the feed roller. Open the cover by rotating it upward.


Push the blue latch that is on the left side of the feed roller away from the roller shaft to unlock the roller. Slide the roller off the shaft.

Install separation Roller
Slide the replacement roller in place and repeat the process for each additional cassette, if equipped. Pull back on the roller to make sure it is locked in place.

Close the Tray 2 bin.


Plug the power cord into the printer and turn the printer on.

When the message XXX MB appears, press and hold the check mark button until all three control panel lights turn on and stay on.

Release the check mark button. Press the up arrow until NEW MAINTENANCE KIT appears, and then presses the check mark button.

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