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HP LaserJet 1200N Separation Pad Instructions

Originally written for: HP LaserJet 1200n
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These instructions explain installing the separation pad on an HP Laserjet 1200N and similar models.

To order your replacement separation pad for this printer, use the following part: E2018 (HP RF0-1014-020 Separation Pad)

Changing the printer separation pad

If your input tray feeds more than one page at a time, you may need to change the printer separation pad. Recurring feed problems indicate that the printer separation pad is worn.

1) Unplug the power cord from the printer, and allow the printer to cool.

2) Remove the input trays.

3) Locate the blue separation pad.

4) To pry the separation pad up from the spring-loaded base, insert a flat-edged screwdriver in the slot under the separation pad and twist until the tabs are free.

5) Reach in through the opening, push the spring-loaded base down with one hand, and pull the separation pad up with the other hand.

6) With one hand, position the new separation pad in the slot of the previous separation pad (A). With the other hand, reach through the input tray opening, and push the spring-loaded base down (B).

The tab on the right is larger to help you position it correctly.

7) Snap both sides of the separation pad firmly into place.

Make sure that the separation pad is straight and that there is no space between the separation pad and the spring-loaded base. If the separation pad is not straight or you see space on one side, remove the separation pad. Make sure that the larger tab is on the right, then reinsert the separation pad and snap both sides into place.

8) Reinsert the pickup roller, toner cartridge, and input trays. Plug the printer into a wall outlet to turn it back on.

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