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Dell 1710N Replacing the Imaging Drum Instructions

Originally written for: Dell 1710n
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These instructions describe replacement of the drum on a Dell 1710N and similar models.

To order your replacement Imaging Drum for this printer refer to part number: P3940

Replacing the Imaging Drum
You can determine approximately how full the imaging drum is by printing the printer settings configuration sheet. This helps you decide when you might need to order replacement supplies.

To ensure print quality and to avoid damage to the printer, the printer stops operating after the image drum has reached a maximum of 40,000 pages. The printer automatically notifies you before the imaging drum reaches this point.

When you first receive the Replace imaging drum light sequence you should immediately order a new imaging drum. While the printer may continue to function properly after the imaging drum has reached its official end-of-life (approximately 30,000 pages), print quality begins to significantly decrease until the imaging drum stops operating at the maximum of 40,000 pages.

NOTICE: When replacing an imaging drum, do not leave the toner cartridge or the new imaging drum exposed to direct light for an extended period of time. Extended light exposure can cause print quality problems.

2 Pull the toner cartridge assembly out of the printer by pulling on the toner cartridge handle.

Place the toner cartridge assembly on a flat, clean surface.

3 Press the button on the base of the toner cartridge assembly.

4 Pull the toner cartridge up and out using the handle.

5 Unpack the new imaging drum.

6 Install the toner cartridge into the new toner cartridge assembly by aligning the white rollers on the toner cartridge with the white arrows on the tracks of the imaging drum and pushing the toner cartridge in as far as it will go. The cartridge clicks into place when correctly installed.

7 Install the toner cartridge assembly into the printer by aligning the blue arrows on the guides of the toner cartridge assembly with the blue arrows on the tracks in the printer and pushing the toner cartridge assembly in as far as it will go.


8 After you replace the imaging drum, you should reset the imaging drum’s counter. To reset the counter, press and hold the Cancel button until all lights flash in sequence.

NOTICE: Resetting the imaging drum's counter without replacing the imaging drum may damage your printer and void your warranty.

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