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Canon ImageRunner 2020I Drum Unit Rebuilding Instructions

Originally written for: Canon imageRUNNER 2020i
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These instructions describe how to rebuild the drum unit for a Canon ImageRunner 2020i and similar models.

Drum Rebuild Kit Contents:

The drum rebuild kit (PR# P4450) contains the following items:
  • (1) OPC Drum
  • (1) Drum Cleaning Blade

Recommended Tools and Materials:

Note: all materials and tools are available through Precision Roller


NOTE: Follow these instructions carefully.  The quality and performance of the finished product will depend on your workmanship as well as the condition of the used unit being rebuilt.

  1. Remove the OPC drum holding pin (A) with needle nose pliers, then remove the OPC drum.

    Remove the drum holding pin
  2. Remove BCR (bias charge roller) (B).  Clean the charge roller with clean deionized water and a lint free (S4400) towel.  Dry-wipe in one direction only.
  3. Remove white BCR support clip (C).
  4. Remove DCL (drum cleaning blade) (D) by removing the two (2) securing screws.  Note the quantity and location of any blade shims that may be present under the used blade, and save for reinstallation.


  1. Vacuum out waste toner, being careful not to damage the mylar recovery blade.
  2. Install any drum cleaning blade shims removed in disassembly, then install the new drum cleaning blade, securing with the two (2) screws removed in step 4.  Install previously removed white BCR support clip.
  3. Reinstall clean BCR.
  4. Apply a light amount of KYNAR to the OPC drum.  Install the new OPC drum in the cartridge, securing it in place with the drum holding pin removed in step 1.  Rotate the OPC drum one rotation counter to the drum cleaning blade (downward).  If KYNAR is visible on the BCR, dry-wipe it with the lint-free towel to prevent copy quality issues.

Key for Instruction Images

(A) OPC drum holding pin
(B) Bias charge roller (BCR)
(C) White BCR support clip
(D) Drum cleaning blade (DCB)
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