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Gestetner Drum Units

Gestetner BLACK & WHITE

1302 1302F 2212 2712 3212 3222 3227 3800U P7027 P7032 P7425DN

Gestetner COLOR

C7416 C7425DN C7435N C7435ND C7435NDT1 C7526DN C7528N C7531DN C7535HDN C7640ND DSC328 DSC332 DSC338 DSC38U DSC428 DSC435 DSC445 DSC520 DSC525 DSC530 DSC535 DSC545

Gestetner DSM

DSM415 DSM415F DSM415PF DSM416 DSM416F DSM416PF DSM616 DSM620 DSM620D DSM622 DSM622SP DSM627 DSM627SP DSM7110 DSM7135 DSM716 DSM716S DSM716SPF DSM721 DSM721D DSM721DS DSM721DSPF DSM725 DSM725E DSM730 DSM730E DSM735E DSM745E DSM790

Gestetner Fax

9103 F104 F104L F530 F540 F550 F630 F9103

Gestetner MP

MP 6000 MP 7000 MP 8000

Gestetner MP Color

MP C2030 MP C2050 MP C2051 MP C2550 MP C2551 MP C3001 MP C3501 MP C4000 MP C4501 MP C5000 MP C5501
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