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Precision 3D Printer Filament Palette
1.75mm PLA

1.75mm ABS filaments 3.00mm ABS filaments
1.75mm Laywood filaments 3.00mm Laywood filaments
1.75mm PLA filaments 3.00mm PLA filaments
1.75mm TPE filaments 3.00mm TPE filaments
1.75mm TPU filaments 3.00mm TPU filaments
3D Filament Palette at Precision Roller

Color Selector

W7810 W7830 W8160 W8180 W7850 W7930 W7780 W8220 W8060 W8080 W8140 The bubbles above show available filament colors. To see more details or add to your cart, move your mouse over the color bubbles.