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About the Panasonic FP7781

Panasonic FP7781 Quick Facts:
  • Note - The FP-7760 & FP-7781 are Made by Minolta and are the same as a Minolta EP-6001 & EP-8015. The only difference is the Toner. Please see the Minolta EP-6001/EP-8015 section for anything else.
  • General Information - Introduction Date: FP-7760 - 11/97, FP-7781 - 12/97, YIELDS: Estimated Drum Life 400,000 Toner 50,000 @ 6%, Starter: Replace every 400,000 - 2 Bags Required
Panasonic FP7781 Specifications:
  • Introduction Date: Introduction Date   01/1998
    Month and year of model's original release
  • MSRP: MSRP   $29,950.00
    Manufacturer's suggested retail price